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5 Steps to Effective Home Schooling

With schools still closed for the moment, parents continue to face pressure to help kids learn from home. Help fill the gap with these tips, until lockdown laws are relaxed.

Creating a timetable and a routine are essential at the moment – and not just for the kids! A routine is a much-needed structure during a period of intense change and uncertainty. Don’t forget to integrate time for rest and breaks (and general flexibility) as well, as the lockdown life does take its toll and respite will be needed from time to time. It’s best to keep a timetable and some activities that are in line with what your children would have expected from school – like decorating lunch trays, for instance – as this will ease the transition back to ‘normal’ life once schools reopen.

This is an opportunity to allow your children to take responsibility for their studies – let them dictate a pace, and lean into the things they find interesting or want to know more about. Outside of the structure of the classroom, your child has the chance to explore more of what appeals to them naturally, and you have the opportunity to encourage this. Also, if they are struggling in areas, this is a great chance to take a little extra time to fully understand their work.

Following on from the above, a great way to encourage the learning inside the home is to show active interest in your child’s work and to allow them to teach you – giving them a chance to show they’ve understood and fully comprehended their work, as well as reinforcing the lessons. Ask your children to present topics of study to you, and use the opportunity to ask them questions while encouraging them to act as responsible parties in their own education.

There is much more to learn than what can be found in a textbook. This is a great opportunity to teach your child about other kinds of lessons in life – be it cooking, nutrition, living a balanced life, how to fix things, do chores, and more. Make the world your classroom and start teaching your child more about the things around them. Practical lessons from the home can be extremely valuable, and there’s never been a better time to learn!

Institutions of all kinds have made their collections, lessons and workshops available online. Many authors are offering discussions or livestreams in which they talk through their books. All of these online options diversify the sources your child can learn from. Tune in to the things they are curious about and reap the benefit of a world that is adapting to the online classroom!

Finally, don’t forget to be kind to yourself and your loved ones in this stressful time – we will all need a little leeway, as the world rapidly changes in response to this crisis. Cut yourself some slack and lead with your creativity and compassion. There’s no need to force yourself or your children to be ultra-productive. Rest, play, and time together are just as important.


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