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How can a Chiropractic adjustment affect Baby positioning and Birth outcome?

By improving the mother’s pelvic balance. When the mother’s pelvis is out of alignment, the ligaments that connect the pelvis to the uterus increase their tension (tone), resulting in a distortion to the baby’s environment.

For the baby, the surrounding walls of the uterus tighten with pelvic imbalance, becoming more and more like tight bedsheets that restrict movement. The chiropractic adjustent to the pelvis releases tension to the ligaments and uterus, allowing the baby to move freely and assume the best possible position for birth.

Many women are seeking ICPA International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) chiropractors and the Webster Technique throughout their pregnancy. For every stage of pregnancy, this adjustment reduces interference to the nervous system – a vital benefit to improve physiology for both the mother and her baby. When a mother’s physiological function is at its best, her baby’s development is optimized. Balancing the pelvic bones, muscles, and ligaments and improving normal physiology sets the stage for a natural birth.

Chiropractic care and the Webster Technique allow for safer, easier births!
Do you want to optimize your pregnancy and birth? Both our Chiropractors are trained and fully qualified in the Webster Technique and registered with the ICPA, and can help you have a safer and more enjoyable pregnancy and birth. Book your appointment now.

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