A fractured skull led to losing my sense of smell and taste, as well as losing my hearing.

I had fractured my skull in June 2004 which had caused me to lose the senses of smell and taste, accompanied by a loss of hearing in my right ear and terrible pain. I had problems with neck pain and shoulder for at least 30 years. After chiropractic care from Johan my senses of smell and taste returned!
Also, having had a total loss of hearing I have recuperated some hearing an feel it will continue to improve as long as I keep up with the fantastic level of chiropractic care I have received. To be free of pain and the general sense of wellbeing has enhanced my life tremendously! If I keep up with chiropractic care, my hearing will improve which will prevent surgery! I have also noticed better back posture, I breathe better and have more flexibility. I sleep better, less mood swings, less stress and better sense of wellbeing. I really do feel everyone would benefit from chiropractic care as I feel a lot of general complaints stem from mis-alignment of the spine. Aches and pains or illness that people may have had for years improve or disappear completely once you start to receive chiropractic care.