After two weeks I was feeling as new!

The first time I got adjusted I didn´t feel any changes, but after my third adjustment I started to get reactions, as headaches, nausea, even the colour of my urine was different, but after two weeks I was feeling as new!

I am still under the stabilization phase and I still get some reactions after the adjustments, but now my subluxations are more controlled and now I can even feel when I am subluxation myself (stress, heavy shopping bags, cleaning the house, studying in bad positions)!

My biggest amazement of chiropractic was not long ago. I got the stomach flu and could not come to work, but that same day, although very weak and feeling ill, I came for an adjustment. The next day I was feeling great! In the past when ill, I´ve had to stay in bed for days…. This has made me realize how important it isto come to the chiropractor when you are ill.

Since I am under chiropractic care I have noticed incredible changes in my body and mind, I feel in harmony with myself.