Cleaning the house and lifting furniture set off a back problem

Cleaning the house and lifting furniture set off a back problem.I was referred by my yoga teacher for a severe lower back pain. It occurred when I was cleaning the house and lifting furniture about 8 months ago.
The lower back pain has been eradicated and with regular adjustments my back and neck are in good condition and I am now able to attend 3 classes of pilates per week!
I am more aware of my posture and try to sit correctly and very rarely suffer aches and pains. As well as the lower back and neck pain disappearing, I have also had improvement in my mobility and flexibility, I have more strength, more energy and can breathe better. It´s always a good idea to maintain your ody and I would recommend it to everyone. In my opinion, the idea of chiropractic is to stabilise the spine and remove any subluxations which cause all sorts of illnesses and problems.